Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's in a name

Are you pregnant and looking for the right name for your little one. I found this really fun tool! BABY NAME VOYAGER

I think a lot of us would like a name as unique as the joy we are bringing into the world. My first son is named Justin, very popular name I know, when he was born I wanted him to have a part of me and I was to be named Eric Justin if I was a boy. It was a way for me to give him my 'family' name if he was going to be adopted. It is fun to look at the graphic and see that the name Justin really didn't become popular until the 1970. It is an old name as well, being able to be graphed in the 1800s.

My second kiddo is named Coogan, his name has yet to reach the chart and I don't know if it ever will (and I kind of like it that way). And our last son, Harlan, another old name. Harlan reached it's peak in the 1920s and dropped off the chart in the 80s. I know of only one other Harlan who is younger than mine, all the others I have heard about are all old men!

It is one of the really cool things we get to chose for our children, their name. Some families hold long traditions, while others blend and create new names. What's in a name for you? Do you have any traditions or family names you will be giving your child? Or are you going out on your own?


Scotti April 20, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

I love Baby Name Wizard and could spend a whole afternoon looking up names! Love to see how the graphs change over time.

We picked a name that we liked, thought was uncommon and kept with our family traditions. We still love the name but have since met many kids with the same name. Guess we're not as original as we thought :)

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