Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Luna Revolution

Pregnancy Place Radio - Episode 53 - A Peek into the Processing of a Doula

Have you ever thought about switching to cloth pads for your monthly cycle? In this episode, Karen shares her experience with the LunaPad Challenge and going "all cloth". Hear about the liberation she felt during her change, as well as some of her learning points. Also hear Erica "doula" Karen through the processing of a recent birth experience.

And a HUGE thank you to Madeline Shaw and Suzanne Siemens of LunaPads for being Karen's "Doula" through this big change in her life. For more information about LunaPads and to begin your own Luna Revolution visit www.lunapads.com

Thanks for Listening! Tune in Tuesdays at Noon-Pacific for the next Episode of The Pregnancy Place!


Wendy November 2, 2010 at 9:02 PM  

Great show ladies! I second the empty wastebasket as well as the reclaimed real estate in my bathroom cabinet. I also have noticed less "brown icky" at the end of my period. Just beautiful claret red! ;-) TMI?

I too have two girls and hope that they never use disposables. (And can visualize them fighting over the pretty colours and prints.)

My Luna Revolution (and Madeleine knows this story) lasted 12 years. I met Madeleine way back in the late 90's. She gave me a LunaPad and I smiled and thanked her and put it in my bathroom cabinet. And I never tried it.

And I moved four times. And the LunaPad moved four times. And I never tried it. But I never threw it out.

Then I reconnected with Madeleine when I was struggling with the packaging for PumpEase (as I remember her doing the same with LunaPads all those years ago). She invited me to the LunaPads office to chat.

Before our meeting, I revisited her website for the first time in years. And then while I was at the LunaPads office, I felt a shift in my perception of reusable menstrual products. (The LunaPads office is kind of magical like that.) I was intrigued and that "too granola for me" feeling was gone.

I think it was that very night that I went online and ordered myself some LunaPads and a DivaCup as well as some pads for my mom that has light incontinence.

I'll never forget flogging off my huge Costco-sized box of tampons on the first girlfriend that visited my house after the fact. (Please TAKE them!)

And I've never looked back. Ever.


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